Recently I have found myself frequently saying, “I’ve never seen a time like this, when no one wants to work.”  We have seen the words “labor shortage” all over the news and witnessed numerous businesses in our community close or restrict operations because of a lack of workers.  Secular businesses are not the only ones affected.  This problem has extended into churches and ministry organizations as well.  We at Harvest find ourselves in the same predicament – needing workers to help us care for the children.  We have spent thousands of dollars on recruitment advertising and have had limited response.  The ones who do submit an application seem to do so only as a means to check a box on their unemployment requirements.  We try to call them to set up interviews and they either don’t answer, won’t return calls, or simply say they are not interested.  Some may schedule an interview and then not keep their appointment.  What are we to do?

With faith, I know God has a plan!  One day recently I was praying and said to the Lord, “Surely there are four or five Christians who need a job and want to serve – please send them our way.” I am encouraged by Matthew 9:36-38 “36 But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. 37 Then saith He unto his disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; 38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into his harvest.”  When we pray, I know in His time, He will answer! Will you help me pray for people who are called to minister to children?  And will you also help me spread the word that Harvest is a great employer that takes good care of the people who join us in ministry.

 If you love children and have a calling to work with them, please take time to check us out today. We are currently seeking Youth Care Specialists and Residential Counselors to provide daily care and nurturing, teach social & life skills, and minister to abused, neglected, abandoned, troubled children who live at Harvest. Youth Care Specialists work 12-hour shifts (7 am – 7 pm or 7 pm – 7 am) in the Emergency and Assessment Shelter.  Residential Counselors work a 7 day on / 7 day off rotating live-in schedule in our long-term group homes. 

Successful candidates will hold at least a High School Diploma and have six months’ experience working with youth through professional, church, or civic organizations (your own children is not professional experience); and have a strong, conservative spiritual history. We offer a competitive salary depending on education and experience; paid vacations; health, life, and disability insurance; and relocation assistance.  Are you called to serve?  Send resume with references, wage requirement, and written testimony by e-mail to



Harvest Child Care Ministries is a non-profit organization as defined under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. We provide residential services to children and are governed by a Board of Directors made up of 13-21 members. Harvest is affiliated with the Free Will Baptist churches of Virginia. Each Free Will Baptist quarterly conference physically located in Virginia is entitled to elect a representative to serve on our Board. Also the state associations of WV, KY, NC, OK, and AK may elect a Board Member. Other members who have expertise in the fields of Social Services, Business, Finance, Health Care, and Law are appointed by the elected Board to provide guidance and leadership. Harvest is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services and is a member of the Virginia Association of Children’s Homes.

Meet our Administrators


Newl Dotson, M.A.

Executive Director

Mr. Dotson is a native of Bristol , VA and co-founder of Harvest Child Care Ministries. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from King University in Bristol, TN and his Masters Degree in Counseling from Liberty University . He has previously served as Director of Youth Ministries in two Free Will Baptist Churches and worked in another denominational children’s home. Newl is the current President of the Virgina Association of Children’s Homes. Mr. Dotson currently resides in Kingsport, TN.

Teresa Tilison

Teresa Tilson, BSW

Director of Children's Services

Ms. Tilson is a native of Greeneville , TN and a co-founder of Harvest Child Care Ministries. She received her Bachelor of Social Welfare from East Tennessee State University . Ms. Tilson previously worked for the Tennessee Department of Human Services and another denominational children’s home. Currently, Teresa oversees our long-term residential group homes. She serves as case manager to the children in this program. Previously, she was active in the Free Will Baptist Ladies’ Auxiliary on the local and district level.


Martha Stone, M.A.

Advancement Director

Mrs. Stone joined Harvest Child Care Ministries in 1994. She received her Bachelor of General Studies from East Tennessee State University and her Masters Degree in Counseling from Liberty University. She has previously served the Youth Departments of two Free Will Baptist Churches and has been active in the Free Will Baptist Ladies’ Auxiliary on the local and district level. Martha oversees our advancement staff and coordinates our fund-raising programs. Martha is the mother of two and grandmother of six. She and her husband, Rick, reside in Mount Carmel, TN

Robin Neal, M.A, BSW

Director of Specialized Services

Mrs. Neal joined Harvest Child Care Ministries in 1996. She received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from East Tennessee State University and her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Liberty University. She has previously served the youth departments of two Free Will Baptist Churches. She has served as Residential Counselor and Case Manager at our Stickleyville Girl’s Cottage. Currently Robin directs our Specialized Services Programs. She supervises our Child Care staff there and coordinates the children’s Assessment Profiles. She has one daughter, Alexis. Robin and her husband, Josh, currently reside in Mount Carmel,TN.


Joshua Neal, BS

Support Services Manager

Joshua Neal serves the ministry in capacity of support services. He holds many certifications in Computer Networks, Desktop Support, Computer Programing as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Management Information Systems and Information Assurance degree from Liberty University. Joshua is a member of a local FWB Church where he serves as a deacon, sound technician and plays in the praise band. Joshua and Robin Neal live in Mount Carmel, TN with their daughter, Alexis.

Board Of Directors

Mark Bumgardner
John Wheeler
Judy Vicars
Educational Advisor
Vice Chairman
Hank Ross
Advancement Advisor
Paul Collins
Virginia State
Lars Dorton
West Wise
Quarterly Conference
Joe Cantrell
Letcher County
Nancy Gauldin
Central Virginia
Gladys Tonkin
Northern Virginia
Quarterly Conference
Larry Robinson
New Durham
Quarterly Conference
Eddie Overstreet
Pike County
Don Barnes
Dickenson County
Quarterly Conference

Ruby Dobson Cottage

The Harvest Story

Harvest is a non-profit child care agency, licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services. In addition, Harvest is affiliated with the Free Will Baptist denomination and the Virginia Association of Children’s Homes. The home officially opened its doors in August 1993 with the mission of providing abused, neglected, abandoned, or troubled children with a healthy Christian home environment, caring parents, and a wholesome family life. Since that time, the home has served nearly 1,900 children with tremendous success.

Today Harvest is licensed to care for 51 children, ages 5 to 18, on our campus located in Lee County, Virginia. Our 36 acre property boasts of the Stickleyville Cottage, home to 8 girls; the Ruby Dobson Cottage, home to 10 boys; the Emergency & Assessment Shelter with a capacity of 22; and our Administration Building, which also has the capacity to serve 11 additional residents. Harvest Free Will Baptist Child Care Ministries began only as a dream in the hearts of a few motivated people. It was a dream of reaching out to victimized young \people who needed a second chance. It was a dream of providing a home of Christian love to children who had been mistreated and misused.

Today, Harvest stands tall among its peers. The home is relied upon by agencies that place children in the Commonwealth of Virginia; by Pastors of Free Will Baptist churches who are helping families in need; and by parents and grandparents who do not know where to turn. One parent recently said, “I believe sending my child to Harvest was the best thing I have ever done for him. Since he returned home, he is doing really well: going to school every day, working part-time, learning to drive, and attending church. Harvest also helped me learn to set limits, make rules and enforce them. Our family was blessed to have found Harvest.”

A Bristol DSS worker stated, “All staff are wonderful to work with! They go above and beyond.” In Virginia alone there were 6,205 substantiated cases of abuse and neglect last year, the majority of which came from dysfunctional families. The need is particularly notable in the southwestern counties, which are among the most disadvantaged in the Commonwealth.”

These socioeconomic conditions are family stressors which contribute to abuse and neglect. A child dies from abuse or neglect every 13 days in our Commonwealth and a child is reported abused or neglected every 81 minutes. In response to these horrifying statistics Harvest reaches out to prevent this needless pain and suffering.

Long-term Group Homes

Harvest has two cottages designed to meet the needs of children who have fallen victim to abuse, abandonment and neglect. In these cottages we serve children between the ages of 5 and 18. Live-in residential counselors (houseparents) promote a family-style atmosphere, which gives the children the nurturing and love that is conducive to their proper growth and development. Our group homes offer the following residential services

  • Daily Care & Nurturing
  • Education & Vocational Training
    • Lee County Public Schools
    • Cedar View Christian School
  • Medical Care
    • Dr Bryston Winrgar, M.D.
    • Kimberly Mullins, FNP
  • Dental Care
    • Watauga Dental

  • Psychiatry & Counseling
    • (Individual & Family)
    • Crystal McGolthin, FNP
    • Kelly Munier, LCP
  • Psychological Evaluation
    • Dr. Ralph Ramsden, PHD
  • Recreation Program
  • Transportation Services
  • Spiritual Guidance

Stickleyville Cottage

Stickleyville Cottage is located on state route 702, off of Highway 58 in the Stickleyville Community of Lee County. Stickleyville is located between Duffield and Jonesville. This home is nestled in the middle of 36 acres of rolling land. This property is owned by Harvest Child Care Ministries. This home serves eight children between the ages of 5 and 18. Two spacious and modernly decorated bedrooms are provided for the children. They enjoy decorating their rooms with pictures of family and friends. They are allowed to have small pets such as fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. A large family room has a huge window with a beautiful view of the mountains.

There are also many activities to keep everyone busy. The pool table, video games, and computer center are everyone’s favorites. There is also satellite television and plenty of videos to view. Outdoors the children enjoy a large in-ground pool, basketball, volleyball, and bicycles. Our kitchen and dining room combination is the favorite room in the house. Here the children enjoy home-cooked meals, learn to cook and bake, and converse about the day’s events. Weekends are filled with outings such as movies, shopping, and skating. The summer months are filled with camping, amusement parks, and a trip to Garden City Chapel at Myrtle Beach .

Emily Rhea

Residential Counselor

Cathy Fleenor

Residential Counselor

Ruby Dobson Cottage

Dobson Cottage is located on the Stickleyville property. This large log home was made possible through the combined gifts of Ruby Dobson and other anonymous donors. Much of the building was constructed by volunteer labor. Individuals from Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee volunteered their expertise in areas of construction, plumbing, roofing, and electrical work to see this home to completion. This home serves ten children. Three spacious and beautifully decorated bedrooms are provided for the children and two for the houseparents. The children are allowed to decorate their rooms with items that are appealing to them. Many of the children have small pets such as turtles and hamsters. This home has a large dining and family room combination. Delicious home cooked meals are served family-style. The family room has an area for watching television, playing games, and holding family devotions. Downstairs there is a spacious recreation room where the boys can expend their extra energy. This area contains a pool table and other large recreation equipment. Outside the children can play basketball, ride their bikes, sleigh ride in the winter, or just sit and rock on the beautiful wrap-a-around porch. Week-ends are filled with outings such as skating, laser tag, and bowling, fishing and hiking. The summer months are filled with camping, a trip to an amusement park, and a complimentary family vacation to Garden City Chapel by the Sea.

Adam Perry

Residential Counselor

Mattthew Stone

Residential Counselor

Description Of Services

Educational Services

Many of the children Harvest serves have been educationally neglected. Many are three years or more behind in the basic skills of reading and math. Each child’s academic functioning is evaluated and a school placement is made which can best accommodate his needs. Most children attend either Lee County Public Schools. Here an educational plan is designed to meet their needs whether they need advanced placement or regular academic classes, or special education. A private Christian School is available for families who feel this is the best option for their child. Tuition may be extra, but some scholarship opportunities exist. Children who complete high school and desire to attend college or vocational school can remain at Harvest while they do so

Recreation Program

Recreation is a vital part of the ministry of Harvest. In keeping with our desire to develop the “whole” child, Harvest seeks to provide a well-rounded program of recreation and leisure-time activities. Our motto is “love equals time.” Most of the children who make their home here have never had anyone willing to take the time to take them swimming, fishing, biking, hiking, or just to spend time with them. This is a primary tool our staff uses to let each child know they are special. At Harvest, the recreation schedule is designed to include activities that foster social skills and teamwork. Teamwork is promoted through the use of group games and community activities such as youth sports teams. Visits to museums, parks, and theaters give children the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of our region. Each year the Garden City Chapel by the Sea affords the children a trip to the beach to include a week’s accommodations along with daily activities. Most of the children we serve have never been outside of Southwest Virginia. This highlight of the year provides many memories as they see the ocean for the first time.

Counseling Services

Counseling is an integral part of the Harvest program. Harvest provides counseling services to children and their families designed to strengthen family ties, correct disruptive behavior, and reunite families. Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Professional Counselors provide individual therapy to the children. With a focus on overcoming the negative circumstances of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and anti-social behaviors that placed them here, children are encouraged to learn to make good choices and accept responsibility for their own actions. Family counseling is offered for families who are working toward reunification. Our therapists help parents understand the situations that resulted in their children being removed from their home. An emphasis on improving parenting skills helps parents learn proper family roles and boundaries and how to set and enforce rules and consequences. As a result of proper counseling, 88% of our children are eventually able to return to a biological family member or placed in a permanent family setting.

Transportation Services

Harvest staff provides transportation to routine doctor, dentist, and mental health appointments. Transportation may also be provided to assist with placements, court appointments, and visitations. There is no additional charge for trips up to two hours from our campus. If transportation is needed for farther distances or for overnight appointments an additional charge will be arranged.

Spiritual Guidance

As a Christian organization affiliated with the Free Will Baptist Church , it is only natural that Christian values and religious education be integral parts of the childcare program. In addition, Harvest’s commitment to a balanced approach to childcare would dictate an emphasis on spiritual matters. Role modeling by our staff is the primary way that religious values are taught to those in care. Daily devotions are planned and conducted by childcare workers. The children are required to attend, but are in no way forced or coerced into participating. Church services are attended as a group and serves as a source of community involvement. Most children find church an enjoyable experience and most will volunteer to become involved. Some children will sing special songs, recite memory verses, or participate in plays and youth groups.

Independent Living

Harvest is committed to assure our children have the skills they need to provide for themselves once they turn 18 or become emancipated. Therefore, when our children are 13 or older, we work with them on independent living skills. They learn household skills such as chores, maintenance, laundry, and food preparation. Children 15 and older work on getting their driver’s license, getting a part-time job, and money management and banking. Older teens work on preparing for complete independence through assistance with securing housing and transportation, and making educational and vocational services.

Emergency & Assessments

Emergency & Assessment Shelter

The Emergency &Assessment Shelter is located on State Route 702, off of Highway 58 in the Stickleyville Community of Lee County. Stickleyville is located between Duffield and Jonesville. This home is surrounded by 36 beautiful rolling acres of land owned by Harvest Child Care Ministries. The Shelter shares this property with our Stickleyville Cottage. This facility can house up to 22 children at any time. The shelter has two separate wings for boys and girls monitored by a security alarm system. Separate boys and girls units hold up to eleven children each between the ages of 5 and 18. Each separate unit contains five bedrooms, three baths, and a large day room. The day room is filled with video games, board games, satellite television, and lots of videos and DVD’s to keep the children busy. A glass office allows the staff private areas to perform their necessary paperwork. A central dining area and a commercial kitchen provides three meals a day for the children at this facility. Downstairs, there is a large recreation room filled with video games, a pool table and air hockey. 24-hour awake staff provides for the children’s daily needs and manage their behavior. Social workers manage each child’s assessment and treatment during this 45-day program.

Residential services at the Emergency and Assessment Shelter include:

  • 45-day Assessment Program
  • Daily Care and Nurturing
  • 24 Hour awake staff
  • Academic testing (available upon request)
  • Psychological Evaluation and testing
  • Dr. Ralph Ramsden, PhD
    Social History

  • Medical Care
    • Dr. Bryston Winegar, M.D.
    • Kimberly Mullins, FNP
  • Psychiatry & Counseling (Individual and Family)
    • Crystal McGlothin, FNP
    • Kelly Munier, LPC
  • Recreation Program
  • Transportation Services
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Assessment Profile (presented to the court or placing agency)
    • Academic and Psychological testing results
    • Social history
    • Physical exam report
    • Behavioral Observations
    • Recommendation for long-term placement


A large portion of Harvest’s operating budget is earned from charitable donations.$1,075,000 per year must be fund raised to meet our operational needs. Our advancement department has the critical responsibility of reaching donors with the Harvest story. Several methods are used to accomplish this vital task. Our newsletter, “Seasons,” keeps donors informed of current events, success stories, an needs of the ministry. TV commercials, billboards, newspaper, and radio public service announcements are designed to increase public awareness of our purpose and mission. Several advancement representatives are available to make presentations about the ministry to churches and civic organizations.

Each year Harvest conducts special fund-raising campaigns. These campaigns encourage churches, businesses, civic groups and individuals to provide special contributions to assist with building projects or future expansion. Individuals and groups are encouraged to visit the home on designated tour days. These days provide an opportunity for donors to do something special for the home by providing much needed in-kind products such as canned goods, cleaning supplies, and household items.

Harvest also hosts an annual Christmas Celebration. Sponsors from across the region gather together on one day to give their sponsoring child the Christmas of a lifetime. Each child receives his/her own Christmas tree complete with lights, decorations, and gifts. Churches interested in “adopting” a child should contact the Advancement Office at (276) 546-4400. If your church or organization would like to hear more about our ministry, or to make a tax-deductible contribution contact our Advancement Director.

Martha A. Stone, MA, Advancement Director

Office: Duffield, VA • 276-546-4400 Ext 104•

Ms. Stone joined Harvest Child Care Ministries in 1994. She received her Bachelor of General Studies from East Tennessee State University and her Masters Degree in Counseling from Liberty University. She has previously served the Youth Departments of two Free Will Baptist Churches and has been active in the Free Will Baptist Ladies’ Auxiliary on the local and district level. Currently, Martha oversees our advancement staff and coordinates our fund-raising programs. Martha is the mother of two and grandmother of six. She and her husband Rick reside in Mt. Carmel, TN.


Linda Stepps, Advancement Representative (North Carolina)

Office: Grimesland, NC • (252) 758-7766 •

Mrs. Linda Stepps ministered beside her husband, James, for 30 years as he pastored Free Will Baptist Churches. In 1999, James and Linda joined the Harvest Advancement Team. They ministered to the churches and families in North Carolina until Mr. Stepps death in 2013. Linda Stepps continues to work and minister in North Carolina. Linda, has three children, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Rev. & Mrs. Carl Miller, Advancement Representatives (North Carolina)

Office: Wendell, NC • (828) 768-5664

Harvest Child Care Ministries welcomes Rev. and Mrs. Carl Miller to their Advancement staff in North Carolina. Carl was born and raised in Olive Branch, IL. He was saved at the age 15. Mary was saved at the age of nine. After meeting in a church service, they were married in 1981. After answering the call to preach, Carl attended and graduated from Welch College in 1990. Since that time, he has pastored churches in several states and most recently pastored in North Carolina for 12 years. Carl and Mary have two daughters and one granddaughter. The Miller’s currently reside in Wendell, NC. Please call Carl at 828-768-5664 at his office in North Carolina or at the main office in Duffield, VA at 276-546-4400

Jon K. Luther, Advancement Representative (West Virginia, Kentucky)

Office: Ethel, WV • (304) 752-0988 •

Mr. Luther joins the Harvest Advancement Team working in churches and conferences located in West Virginia. He has an Associate’s Degree in Business Accounting from Southern WV Community and Technical College. Jon and his wife, Teresa, attend Bright Star Free Will Baptist Church where they established and worked with the Youth Department since 1995. Jon and Teresa reside in Ethel, WV. They have three children and one grand-daughter.

Rev. Steven Shotzman joined the Harvest Advancement team in July of 2019. He along with his wife Laura
have pastored and youth pastored in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. They have 4 boys. Steven will be representing
Project Mexico in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. To schedule an appointment call him at (918)-949-8825.

Becoming a Partner

Operating Expenses (Individuals)

Can you imagine having a such a large family to feed, clothe and send to school? Many of us would throw up our hands in despair. This is an everyday reality for us at Harvest. We would have to throw up our hands in despair and give up if it weren’t for people like you. People who have a heart to help someone less fortunate than themselves. Every day Harvest must raise $36.05 for each child residing in our homes. Many churches and individuals support this work on a regular basis. Would you like to become a part of this elite group?

One time gifts are greatly appreciated as well as monthly faith promises. Harvest will be happy to credit your gift to Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. Just print and complete the following information and mail to: P.O.Box 259 , Duffield , Virginia , 24244. Thank you for helping make a difference in the life of a child.You will be provided a receipt via mail. At the end of each year a giving statement with all gifts itemized will be mailed to you for tax purposes. For additional information, contact us at (276) 546-4400 Ext 104 or email us

Harvest Child Care Ministries has made it easy for you to make a financial investment in the life of a child. Please complete the information requested along with the amount of your gift. The Advancement Office will receive an e-mail confirmation of your gift and a receipt will be issued to you. Thank you in advance for making a difference in the lives of boys and girls.

Planned Giving

Corinthians 4:2 tells us “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” We should not only be found faithful in our stewardship to the Lord during our life but even after our life on earth is finished. Do you want the assurance of knowing that the ministry that you have invested in during your life will continue to receive your support after you die?

Below you find several ways to choose from when making preparations for the continual support of the ministries you love and support. For more information or assistance in these matters, contact us at or at (276) 546-4400 ext 104.

Remember Harvest Child Care Ministries in your will–a bequest of a percentage of your estate, a specific item, asset, or you could direct the residue to this ministry.

Name Harvest as the beneficiary of a savings account–bank personnel are familiar with P.O.D (Pay on death) designations. You are still the only one who can access the account during your life, but upon proof of death the account transfers to the ministry.

Designate Harvest as the beneficiary of assets such as Savings Bonds, IRAs or tax sheltered annuities–there are significant tax advantages in transferring these type assets to Harvest rather than to individuals.

In each of the above methods you retain all rights to the assets until your death. However, there are no immediate tax benefits for these agreements. There are ways to give to Harvest and reap immediate income tax charitable deduction. These would assure you an income for life. These include charitable remainder gift annuities. Various types of trusts are also available for meeting your wishes and needs. These gift methods may be funded by cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and well as real estate and other assets. Gifts of this sort may avoid capital gains taxes, solve management problems and provide a good steady return for life. For more information contact or phone (276) 546-4400 ext 104.

Harvest Child Care Ministries would like to include you on their list of friends. Friends receive Harvest’s bimonthly newsletter, Seasons at no obligation for one year. Fill out the form and click to submit. Thank you for becoming our friend.

Memorial and Honorable Giving

January - March 2022

In Memory

Amy Upton
Barbara Upton
Forest City, NC

Artis Perry
Sandra Perry
Durham, NC

Betty Ervin
Eddie Ballard
Clover, SC

Bill and Alan Bertschy
Velta Bertschy
Springdale, AR

Billy Keeter
Robert Keeter
Scotland Neck, NC

Bob and Mary Walker
Tanglewood Lodge Enterprises
Nashville, TN

Bob Wheeler
Ruth Pennington
Fayetteville, AR

Bobby Allen
Linda Worthington
Greenville, NC

Bobby Edmondson
Donna R. Edmondson
Virginia Beach, VA

Carolyn Allen Garris
Connie L Garris-Sutton
Greenville, NC

Carolyn Garris
Elaine Jenkins
Greenville, NC

Carolyn Garris
Connie Hardee
Grimesland, NC

Donnie Bowen
Nancy Phelps
Greenville, NC

Gerald Carraway
Gwen Carraway
Kinston, NC

J.C. & Mary Calvert,
Rev. Ralph & Dot Willis, Janette Sausedo
Goshen FWB Church
Mount Holly, NC

James Stepps
Nancy Phelps
Greenville, NC

John and Cora Coleman
Ralph Coleman
Prestonsburg, KY

Lloyd Martin
Joyce C Martin
Knoxville, TN

Loved Ones
Sandy City FWB Church
Catlettsburg, KY

Mae Miller
Wayne Miller
Marion, NC

Mina Baldwin
Bright Star FWB Church
Ethel, WV

Myrtle Venters
Nagatha V Anderson
Jenkins, KY

Robert Charles
Rebecca K Charles
Raccoon, KY

Robert Wayne Terwilliger
Regina Terwilliger
Atkins, AR

Patricia Ann Watson Proctor
Dennis Whaleyl
Rocky Mount, NC

Ronald Henry
Dinah Henry
Mountain Home, AR

Velma Gunnoe
Charles G Gunnoe
Angier, NC

In Honor

January - March 2022

Frances England
Alicia Bridges
McMinnville, TN

Linda Stepps
Charlotte Cox
Winterville, NC

Mr. and Mrs. James Stepps
Morris Murphy
Albertson, NC

Noah Hite
Margaret Hite
Farmville, NC

Randy and Janet Aycock
Oak Grove FWB Church - Durham
Durham, NC

Sharon Roark and Ross Roark
Dorthy Trett
Sulphur, OK

Sunshine FWB Church - Huntington, WV
Florence Jones
Chesapeake, OH

Ministry Opportunities

Are you a person who...

Wants to make a difference

Has a heart for ministry

Loves Children

Is willing to follow

Harvest Child Care Ministries is looking for you to fill available ministry positions. To apply complete the attached application or email your resume to

Residential Counselors (houseparents):
This is a live-in childcare position with a seven-day on to seven-day off schedule. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in a human services related field are preferred. For more information contact

Youth Care Specialist :
This is a direct childcare position at the Emergency and Assessment Shelter, which requires 40 hours per week. Successful applicants must have a high school education and demonstrate experience in childcare. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in a human services related field are preferred. For more information contact

Project Mexico

Under the direction of our field coordinator, Elias Perez, Harvest currently provides a home for 32 orphaned boys and girls in the city of Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. The ministry is operated similar to our homes in the United States. Using the house-parent model, the children receive daily care and nurturing, participate in recreational activities, and receive independent living skills training. The children attend public school and a tutor is provided for children who have need of this service. Located on this beautiful, tropical, property are two dormitories and houseparent homes. A kitchen-dining room building also serves as an inside recreation area for the children. The laundry room is located in a separate building behind the dining hall. Funding for Project Mexico is provided through designated charitable donations.


All funding for Project Mexico is made available through interested churches and individuals. You help is needed for the continuation of this much needed ministry to children. To make a donation with your Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover please use the form loaded at the bottom of the page. To make a credit card donation by phone,  please call 276-546-4400 (ext 104) or mail your tax deductible gift to: Project Mexico, PO Box 259, Duffield, VA 24244.

Directors Elias and Sarah Perez

Harvest Child Care Ministries sends a published Newsletter twice a year and an E-Newsletter every month at no charge to you. 
If you would like to receive a copy please fill out the form below.

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