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Stickleyville Cottage

Stickleyville Cottage is located on state route 702, off of Highway 58 in the Stickleyville Community of Lee County. Stickleyville is located between Duffield and Jonesville. This home is nestled in the middle of 36 acres of rolling land. This property is owned by Harvest Child Care Ministries. This home serves eight children between the ages of 5 and 18. Two spacious and modernly decorated bedrooms are provided for the children. They enjoy decorating their rooms with pictures of family and friends. They are allowed to have small pets such as fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. A large family room has a huge window with a beautiful view of the mountains.

There are also many activities to keep everyone busy. The pool table, video games, and computer center are everyone's favorites. There is also satellite television and plenty of videos to view. Outdoors the children enjoy a large in-ground pool, basketball, volleyball, and bicycles. Our kitchen and dining room combination is the favorite room in the house. Here the children enjoy home-cooked meals, learn to cook and bake, and converse about the day's events. Weekends are filled with outings such as movies, shopping, and skating. The summer months are filled with camping, amusement parks, and a trip to Garden City Chapel at Myrtle Beach .

Our Staff

Barbara Ford Cathy Forrester
Barbara Ford
Residential Counselor
Cathy Forrester
Residential Counselor

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