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| Stickleyville Cottage | Ruby Dobson Cottage | Description of Services |

Harvest has two cottages designed to meet the needs of children who have fallen victim to abuse, abandonment and neglect. In these cottages we serve children between the ages of 5 and 18. Live-in residential counselors (houseparents) promote a family-style atmosphere, which gives the children the nurturing and love that is conducive to their proper growth and development. Our group homes offer the following residential services:

  • Daily care & nurturing
  • Education & Vocational Training
    Lee County Public Schools
    Scott County Public Schools
    Appalachian Christian School
    Cedar View Christian School
  • Medical Care
    Dr. Bryston Winegar, M.D.
    Kimberly Murphy
  • Dental Care
    Watauga Dental
  • Psychiatry & Counseling (Individual and Family)
    (Individual & Family)
    Dr. J.F. Rodriquez, M.D.
    Kelly Munier,  LPC
  • Psychological Evaluation
    Dr. Ralph Ramsden, PhD
  • Recreation Program
  • Transportation Services
  • Spiritual Guidance

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