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Planned Giving

I Corinthians 4:2 tells us "Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful." We should not only be found faithful in our stewardship to the Lord during our life but even after our life on earth is finished. Do you want the assurance of knowing that the ministry that you have invested in during your life will continue to receive your support after you die?

Below you find several ways to choose from when making preparations for the continual support of the ministries you love and support. For more information or assistance in these matters, contact us at martha@harvestccm.org or at (276) 546-4400.

Remember Harvest Child Care Ministries in your will–a bequest of a percentage of your estate, a specific item, asset, or you could direct the residue to this ministry.

Name Harvest as the beneficiary of a savings account–bank personnel are familiar with P.O.D (Pay on death) designations. You are still the only one who can access the account during your life, but upon proof of death the account transfers to the ministry.

Designate Harvest as the beneficiary of assets such as Savings Bonds, IRAs or tax sheltered annuities–there are significant tax advantages in transferring these type assets to Harvest rather than to individuals.

In each of the above methods you retain all rights to the assets until your death. However, there are no immediate tax benefits for these agreements. There are ways to give to Harvest and reap immediate income tax charitable deduction. These would assure you an income for life. These include charitable remainder gift annuities. Various types of trusts are also available for meeting your wishes and needs. These gift methods may be funded by cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and well as real estate and other assets. Gifts of this sort may avoid capital gains taxes, solve management problems and provide a good steady return for life. For more information contact martha@harvestccm.org or phone (276) 546-4400.

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