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Since 1993 it has been people like you who have a heart for children that has made the existence of this ministry possible. Not only have monetary gifts been important, gifts of in kind have been especially helpful.

Gifts other than cash are considered in kind gifts. These may include items such as food, clothing for the children, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, vehicles, etc. In kind gifts not only include the above but also services that may be rendered to the home in lieu of fees. For example a company may do repair work on our vehicles without cost or someone may mow our yards at no expense to us.

There are many ways to include your church organization in an in kind project. You may wish to host a food shower or pounding for the cottages. You may desire to give one of our cottages a "shower." With as many children as we serve sheets, towels, cooking utensils and such wear out more quickly than in a regular home setting.

Some groups like to coordinate projects that directly affect the children. These include purchasing clothing for summer or back to school, providing school supplies, or sponsoring a child for Christmas. If your group is interested in coordinating a project please phone (276)546-4400 or email us at martha@harvestccm.org.

Click here for a list of our current needs.

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