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   By Martha A. Stone, M.A.
   Advancement Director

Each year I always worry that I will be not able to be successful at the work that God has called me to. That work is telling Harvestís story about how God created this ministry from virtually nothing. Fundraising for this ministry has always been my passion.

It is also a passion of offering a place where young people can truly know what it is like to have parents who are able to care for them. It is a passion for giving them a place where they are afforded opportunities for educational success. It is a passion for creating a home where they can relax and just be a kid. It is a passion for a place where they can learn that they are wonderfully and fearfully made by a God who loves them unconditionally.

From our beginnings, it has been Godís people who gave and still give sacrificially that has made Harvest possible. We do not get really large gifts. We would like them, but that just doesnít seem to be Godís plan for us. It is people like you who give their $10, $25, and $50 gifts that sustains us. You keep us ministering to abused, abandoned, neglected or troubled kids.

During this month of LOVE, I would like to ask you to give a special gift and ďHave A Heart For Harvest.Ē A gift of any size to help the children is much needed and will be greatly appreciated. You can mail your gift to PO Box 259, Duffield, VA 24244 or <CLICK HERE to donate online.

Help Needed