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From time to time someone asks me, “Who is Harvest accountable to?” That’s a great question! Our administrative team has always made accountability a top priority in our ministry. We realize there are many other missions organizations to which people like you can give. We appreciate that you have chosen to support our cause and do not take your support for granted. The cost to operate our ministry is $152,570 per month. 56% (or $85,000) of that must be fundraised from churches and individuals who believe in what we do.

Harvest has an extensive checks and balances system to assure good stewardship. It starts with our Board of Directors. Each quarterly conference in Virginia is entitled to elect a board member to represent them. Most do, however, a few of the smaller quarterly conferences do not, because they simply do not have anyone to appoint. In 1992 the Virginia State Association Executive Committee sanctioned our work as an outreach ministry of the State Association. We are blessed to have a member of our board who is elected by the State Association, which makes us accountable to that body. You may see the list of all of our board members in this publication. The Board of Directors receives monthly financial reports and updates on the ministry. They set salaries and budgets. Also, they receive an annual financial audit conducted by an independent Certified Public Accountant. ministering to abused, abandoned, neglected or troubled kids.

Another checks and balances tool is the Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Licensing Programs. This division makes at least two unannounced inspections per year. They review personnel records, children’s records, financial records, and the buildings and grounds to assure we are in compliance with all state regulations. Our last two inspections, one in February 2016 and one in September 2015 had the official finding of “No Violations”. It is amazing and highly unusual for an inspector to come and find nothing wrong. I am so proud of our staff and the fine job they do maintaining excellence in standards for child care. nate online.

We also consider ourselves accountable to children’s parents and legal guardians, courts and social services agencies that place children here, our bankers, building officials, health officials, school officials, medical service providers, and most importantly YOU, our donors. Thank you so much for partnering with us to carry out this most vital ministry. If you ever have any questions, or would just like an update we will always accept your calls, emails, and invitations to your church. “Because every child needs a home” together we are “Serving Christ through kids!”

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