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Have a Heart for Harvest

Newl Dotson, MA
Executive Director

Valentine’s Day—the holiday of love! Each year men and women search for a special way to show their love for their “Valentine”. Children exchange cards and gifts as a way of expressing friendship. Did you know that Valentine’s Day was originally a religious celebration? In the 200’s the Roman Emperor Claudius II persecuted the church. One of his persecutions was a law that prevented young people from getting married. He believed that marriage enticed young men to become weak soldiers. Early Christian priest, Valentine, was highly respected and loved by the children. He disobeyed the King’s orders and performed secret weddings. When he was caught, he was thrown in jail. The children missed him and tossed loving notes between the bars of Valentine’s cell window. He was later beaten and beheaded. Valentine’s Day began as a physical way to show someone you cared for them.

At Harvest, our mission is to show love, care, and support to the abused, neglected, abandoned and troubled children placed in our care. Every day our staff shower our children with the “Valentines” of nutritious food, good clothing, a warm bed, a good education, guidance and direction. We show them we love them by being there for them—every day— good or bad—we show them we care. Our motto, “love equals time” is demonstrated in part by spending time with them taking them where they need to go. Every day our staff and children spend countless hours on the roads going to school, church, ball practice, recreation, doctor’s appointments, and wherever else becomes necessary. As such, reliable and safe transportation is a necessity.

Currently many of our vehicles are in need of replacing. Two of our 15 passenger vans have almost 200,000 miles on them, while our third one has over 150,000. We have three other vehicles that have over 160,000 miles. While we work diligently on proper maintenance, it has become necessary to upgrade our fleet. Our children’s safety must be top priority!

Have a Heart for HarvestFebruary 16, 2014 has been designated as our annual “Have a Heart for Harvest” offering day. Would you help us by sending a special “Valentine” to help purchase new vehicles for the children? Also, encourage your pastor to receive a special offering for Harvest that Sunday. Simply mail your gift in the enclosed postage paid envelope and designate your check “Have a Heart for Harvest.”

Thank you in advance for what you will do to help us. Your support will keep our children safe as we spend many miles and hours on the roads. God bless you.

Burn the Mortgage Campaign

Send Harvest your unwanted or broken electronics.  The home will receive cash for each cell phone, ink jet cartridge, digital camera, laptop