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By Newl Dotson, M.A.
Executive Director

Everywhere I go to promote Harvest, and each time a group visits our campus I hear the words, "Let us know if you need anything." Our faithful friends do so much for us — regular offerings, monthly pledges, donations of food items and other in-kinds. These all mean so much and we could not survive without all of the help we receive. When someone says, "Let us know if you need anything" - it means so much — but is hard to do. When someone has already blessed us with so much, we hate to ask for more.

However, this summer has been a difficult one around our campus. There have been so many mechanical problems. Years of use have taken their toll on some of our large equipment. I want to share these very critical needs and ask that you consider a special one-time gift to help us repair or replace these essential items:

  • The stove at the Emergency Shelter caught on fire – the wiring had gone bad from years of use. We had to replace it immediately – Cost $ 552.73

  • The 20-ton heat pump on the main level of our Kingsport property (where the gym is located) is worn out and no longer works. It has to be replaced before winter - - Cost $19,000.

  • The 5.5-ton heat pump in the cafeteria of our 2nd Emergency Shelter / Office building went out over a year ago and needs to be replaced -- Cost $6,800

  • The 2009 15- passenger Ford van at the Emergency and Assessment Shelter has 199,054 miles on it. It recently had to have some work done on the engine and really needs to be replaced -- Approximate cost $18,000.

  • The 2008 15- passenger Ford van, which is used by the whole campus, has 196,800 miles on it and is currently in the shop with transmission problems. They are currently trying to see if it is even repairable. Either way – it needs to be replaced -- Approximate cost $18,000.

  • The carpet in the Emergency and Assessment Shelter is in bad shape and in need of replacement. There are several large torn or raveling places. The carpet is the original carpet that has been in the building since 2005. Replacement cost $3,500.

I know these figures sound enormous – and they are. I really do not know where the money will come from to make these needed repairs / replacements. However, we know, as one dear sister recently posted on our Facebook page, “God has this!” Thank you for letting him use you to meet these needs – your gift of any amount is appreciated! Please write the designation “Repairs” on your check. You may even designate which item you want to help with. “Little is much when God is in”. Together we can make it happen! Thank you in advance for what you will do. We love you all!

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